Professional XP Certifications

XPF – Extreme Programming Foundation

Holders of the Extreme Programming Foundation (XPF) certificate make evident a basic knowledge and understanding of Extreme Programming. The value of the XPF certification is based around a solid demonstration of knowledge required to achieve it.

Click here for more information about the Extreme Programming Foundation (XPF) certification.

XPP I – Extreme Programming Practitioner Level 2

The Extreme Programming Practitioner Level I (XPP I) certification is available to anyone who wishes to assess and confirm their depth of knowledge of Extreme Programming. A rigorous and comprehensive assessment means the XPP I certification provides a high quality demonstration of the holder’s solid understanding of XP and the concepts of undertaking XP delivery.

XPP I holders have a comprehensive understanding of the core XP references (by leading XP writers) and therefore follow a consistent terminology and approach to XP.

XPP II – Extreme Programming Practitioner Level 2

The XPP II is the next step for XP practitioners to further demonstrate their undertsanding and skills in the XP methodology. Holders of the XPP II certificate, demonstrate an advanced level of ability in XP, and prove that they have a solid understanding of the underlying values, principles and practices of XP as well as being able to effectively apply that understanding in complex, real-world Agile delivery situations.

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