Open XP Assessments

Test your knowledge and understand in XP for free!

The Extreme Programming Alliance’s (XPA) mission is motivate individuals and organisations with Extreme Programming (XP) values, principles and practices and to do this, we offer many free resources to our community.

One of the primary resources we offer are our free-to-take open XP assessments which align to our formal XP certifications. There is no fee/charge to take the open XP assessments, and whilst they don’t offer a formal certification they allow you to test your knowledge and understanding relating to XP, and the values, principles and practices of XP.

Because the open XP assessments are free-to-use learning resources, it is important to highlight that the questions that are presented are to a lower level of difficulty as the formal XP certification assessments. However, they provide anyone who takes the assessment a solid insight into XP as well as a mechanism to practice for the for the formal XP assessments and certification.

Successful passing of the open XP assessments, along with actual experience of using Agile methodologies, and a thorough knowledge and interpretation of the core XP texts will assist your preparation for the professional level assessment and certifications in XP.

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