Extreme Programming (XP) Planning Practices


Planning Game

Weekly Cycle

Quarterly Cycle

Regular Releases

XP teams release early and often, adding a few features each time. Indeed an XP development team makes small regular releases of working software that customers can then evaluate, creating frequent short feedback loops, as well as generating quick return on investment, and providing other benefits.

Regular releases offer the following benefits:

  • The customer receives quick return on investment as each release will provide highest possible value.
  • Regular releases offer both the customer and the development team opportunity to obtain necessary feedback to continue on the right direction.
  • Reduce risk and complexity of releasing software, making the actual process of releasing/deploying software changes easier.
  • Likewise, the impact on the business is less severe as smaller releases are easier for the business to understand, communicate and adapt to.
  • Allow the business the ability to end project at the optimum point, once investment !?!?!?!!?!?!?!


Sustainable Pace/Energised Work

Root Cause Analysis

Shrinking Teams

Pay Per Use

Negotiated Scope Contract

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