Extreme Programming (XP) Events

Extreme Programming (XP) suggests the following events:

  • Iteration Planning Meeting
  • Daily Stand-up
  • The Iteration
  • The Release

The Iteration Planning Meeting

The Planning Meeting event features three steps in order to undertake iteration planning. Firstly, the customer presents the stories. Secondly, the development team identifies tasks related to the stories. Then finally, the development team signs up for, and estimates the work.

The Iteration Planning meeting is driven by the customer who, during the meeting, sets the priorities to be delivered by the developers during the iteration.

Step 1 – Customer Presents Stories

The customer explains the stories (one-by-one) directly to the development team. The customer initially reads out the contents of the story card, but this is a two-way communication event whereby the whole team then discusses the story. Developers may ask questions and challenge the customer, collaborating, and ultimately developing team consensus around each story. The outcome is that every team member has a good understanding of what the story requires.

Step 2 –

Daily Stand-up


The Iteration

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